Boring Day at Home

Hey everyone. Today I decided to stay at home because I didn’t feel like going anywhere. I mentioned in an earlier post that my email was sending out spam emails, well now my account is blocked and whoever hacked my email put “” as my backup email so I can’t receive the code to get my account unblocked. It’s all good though because that was an old account I made in grade 5 and luckily I changed my email for my accounts on facebook, itunes, etc.

Yesterday I made these dark chocolate peanut butter cups.

I used 74% dark chocolate and peanut butter from whole foods. The chocolate ended up being quite costly but it was a good quality chocolate, very smooth and rich.

Today I made pancakes for lunch because I was too lazy to make them for breakfast haha.

I made whole wheat blueberry pancakes. I found the recipe online and found the batter to be a tad too runny.

That is it for today. I am going back to school tomorrow to sell some of my textbooks and maybe do some Christmas shopping.


4 thoughts on “Boring Day at Home

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