9 days until Christmas!

Wow, I just realized there is only 9 days until Christmas. This year sure went by fast, I still remember New Years day. This year I decided to decorate my room a bit with Christmas decorations.

I bought these indoor star lights from Superstore.

I had this jewelry hanger Es S gifted me for my birthday sitting around so I decided to hang some ornaments on it to make it my makeshift Christmas tree.

There was a power outage yesterday so I lit some candles. My mom was freaking out and making such a big deal out of the power outage… so dramatic, like always.

My moms work gave this candle to her for Christmas so I decided to use it LOL.

Today I FINALLY started my Christmas shopping. I only bought gift though because I couldn’t find the other items on my list of gifts to buy.

M and I went to Shizenya for lunch today

I got the Curry kheema chicken combo which comes with a side salad ( forgot to take a picture of that), gomae and brown rice. The curry consists of 3 kinds of beans and shredded chicken.

M and I also shared a dynamite roll. This was very fresh and delicious!

I like how this place uses brown rice in their sushi and rice dishes. I will definitely be coming back to try more food.

So that is it for now. Tomorrow I am planning on going to Metrotown early to finish my Christmas shopping then I’m off to the farmers market and Christmas market. Can’t wait!


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