Christmas Market

I went to the Christmas Market on 2 separate days but only took pictures on the day I went with Es S. Here are some pictures:

Top of the big Christmas Tree

Pretty ornaments

Nut crackers

There was also a carousel and it looked really nice at night

And of course the food. Here’s what we ate:

Belgium Waffles. Most people ordered the German waffle on a stick, but for the same price I could get this which has more waffle. I must say these were some expensive waffles…

On the left is my kiddie bratwurst and on the right is Es S’ pork and veal sausage. Both come with onions and sauerkraut. These were delicious.

Sorry for the lack of post, I’ve been lazy :P. Christmas in two days, can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Market

  1. …you better be sorry for not posting anything… I seriously went onto your blog everytime i went on the computer and NOTHING!

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