12 Facts About Me

Here’s a post about 12 things about myself. Most of you don’t know that much about me so here are the 12 things:

1. I first learned to cook watching the food network and then in foods class in high school. My mom is a horrible cook and I guess I wanted to learn how to cook so I wouldn’t have to eat her cooking.. LOL. She never taught me how to cook nor did she have any “family recipes”.My dad said she was spoiled by her family as a child hence her horrible cooking skills.

2. I LOVE dogs. I’ve been obsessed with dogs ever since I was 5. My mom thinks dogs are dirty and smelly so she never let us ( my brother and I) have one. I’ve been begging for a dog since I was 5 and still no dog….

3. I’m a really shy person. I’ve always been shy and I tell myself that I need to overcome it but it’s so hard for me. I also have low self-esteem because I have always been made fun of for my bad skin ( acne, rosacea and oily skin to be exact) and less than perfect body.

4. I wish I had artistic skills such as drawing skills. I remember envying my classmates in elementary school who could draw because I thought it was such a great talent.

5. I took home economics all through high school and even won the home ec award when I graduated but I don’t plan on being a chef or anything in the culinary field.Cooking is only a hobby to me and most of the time I cook for myself.

6. My dream vacation is a trip to Europe. I would love to explore the history, food and cultures of Europe. I’m hoping to go when I graduate.

7. I was struck by a car when I was 5 years old. It wasn’t too serious and I didn’t break any bones, my legs just hurt for a few weeks. The guy who struck me was speeding in a residential area and he was very gangster like ( well that’s what I thought he was when I was 5 lol).

8. I watch a lot of Youtube. I can easily spend hours on Youtube watching channels I am subscribed to. I often have dreams that involve Youtube videos I’ve watched earlier that day;an indication that I clearly watch too much.

9. I don’t know what career or field I want to go into. I’m currently in college trying to figure that out by taking different courses to see what I enjoy. I envy those who know from the beginning what they want to be and always wished I knew what I want to be.

10. I hate bugs, especially spiders. I don’t have an arachnophobia nor do I scream at the sight of spiders. I usually get my parents or my brother to kills bugs in the house because I don’t want to go near them. Last year I had a traumatizing experience with spiders: I was sitting in the back seat of my moms car waiting for my brother when I notice a string of something on me. I soon realized it was 3 baby spiders making a web on me. I freaked out and ran out of the car trying to brush the spiders off of me. My mom thought I was possessed or something and soon discovered that a spider had laid eggs in my moms car and they had hatched. I couldn’t sit in the back seat of my moms car for a while fearing that this traumatizing event might happen again. I’m grossed out just typing this story out.

11. I don’t have a good relationship with my mom. We don’t get a long that well and we frequently bicker at each other. She calls me a delinquent even though I don’t smoke, drink, or do drugs.  I try hard in school but yet she tells relatives I am lazy, there’s just no way to impress her so I have stopped trying. I’ve always been a daddy’s girl and probably always will be. I’ve never shared any of my secrets or personal life with her, time to time she will ask me questions like what I want to do in the future or stuff about my friends.

12. I’m not a picky eater, but the one food I absolutely despise is tofu. I’ve hated it since I was a kid; its just something about the texture and taste I do not enjoy. There’s a lot of foods that I’ve grown to enjoy, mostly vegetables, but I don’t think I will every like tofu. My mom seems to forget that I hate tofu and once got take out consisting of ALL tofu dishes and frequently asks me if I want any tofu.

Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you what you think.


2 thoughts on “12 Facts About Me

  1. let’s hope you and your mom will be more than “okay” soon. It is also wonderful to feel that as you leaf through your journal, you will find that there are also “wow” moments between you and your mom which are not few and far between.

    meanwhile, happy blogging! more power!

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