Recent Purchases

Here are a few things I got recently:

I needed a new eye cream so I decided to try this Dior White Reveal Illuminationg Eye Treatment since I have bad under eye dark circles.

What intrigued me was how the eye cream had an applicator for massaing the product onto the eye promoting blood circulation.

I also got this bird printed shirt from H&M. I love things with birds, so naturally I was gravitated towards this.

I also got this Urban Renewal dress from Urban Outfitters. It was on sale for $19.99. I like how it’s plain so I can use accessories to spice it up.

So that’s what I got. Trying to limit my spending and save some money.


2 thoughts on “Recent Purchases

  1. That top from H&M is SO cute! I love tops with all-over prints like that! They’re simple yet so fun to wear.

    I’ve been trying to limit my spending lately too – it’s so hard with all the sales happening though!

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