Random Post

Just wanted to make this random post because I don’t really have anything to blog about LOL. Anyways… after a really long winter break ( 3 weeks for me because I had my exams  early), I’ve been struggling to sleep and wake up early for school. I nearly fell asleep in psychology today. This semester is going to be a lot harder than last semester since I’m taking 4 courses as opposed to 3, and all my courses require a lot of memorization.

Anyways, here’s a snack I’ve been eating lately:

Baked Pita with white bean & garlic dip and homemade salsa.

I have my first criminology class for the semester tomorrow and my people keep saying the professor is hot on rate my professor, so I’m curious to see if he is indeed that hot LOL. Anyways, we will find out tomorrow, which I am not really looking forward to because it is a night class. I don’t particularly enjoy night classes but I took it anyways because two of my friends are also taking it.


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