Boring Stuff I Did Today…

Today I went to school even though I don’t have any classes on Thursdays because I had to go to the library to take notes. In an effort to save money, I bought the 8th edition instead of the 9th for my Anthropology textbook since the seller had the same teacher and said he told her class it was fine. Well since I already bought the 8th edition, I’m just going to use the 9th edition my teacher reserved in the library and just take notes on material not in the 8th edition.

After that I went to Oakridge to eat lunch and also because I had an optometrist appointment later.

I got tandoori chicken with salad and rice from Curry Express. The man working there insisted I add some sauce on the rice so I agreed.

After my appointment, I went to the Bay and ended up buying two items:

Both items are by Moon. (Left) Pleated Black skirt [which you can’t really see because of my bad photography skills and lack of good lighting available in my house] and ( right) trench coat. Both items were on clearance: the trench coat was originally $135 but I got it for $37.79 and the skirt was originally $49 and I got it for $20.57. I had a $50 gift card so I ended paying $15.36!

So that’s all for now. I need to get new glasses since my left eye went up 5 degrees. I only wear glasses when I can’t see the board in class, so I’m not sure what style of glasses I want.



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