First Snow Day of 2012!

It finally snowed in Vancouver! Vancouver barely snows because it rains most of the time, it only snowed once in 2011 and that melted the next day LOL.

View of the snow from my front yard. I just realized I’ve never driven in snow. For the 2 years I’ve been driving, it never snowed so I never had to drive in snowy conditions.

Today is also my brother’s RKO birthday. Guess how he is celebrating it? By going to watch WWE wrestling of course LOL.

Today my dad needed me to do some work around his workshop so that’s what I did today. I started my morning off with this:

Early Grey Tea Latte from Starbucks, cinnamon straw and mini croissant from IGA marketplace.

For lunch we had some pho, great on a snowy day like this:

I ordered the house special pho. This was delicious 😀

That’s all for now, I’m in a pretty good mood because I had a good dream LOL. M knows what I’m talking about because I’ve only told her about it. It originally started off as a strange dream, but it ended up being a good dream. On the topic of dreams, do you guys have weird dreams? I know I do, I have them all the time. Maybe you don’t remember them but the reason I remember most of my dreams is because I’m frequently woken up by my brother while I am in REM sleep.


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