I Love Frozen Yogurt!

I know it’s winter and the temperatures are hitting below 0 degrees Celsius, but I still constantly crave for a cup of ice cold frozen yogurt. Do you think that’s weird? I know S likes to eat ice cream in the winter too, so it’s not only me 😛 My favourite flavour of frozen is original,especially from Pinkberry, I love the tartness of it.

The other day I got some original non fat frozen yogurt with mochi from Yogen Fruz. I was not aware that they had original flavour, but I’m glad they do because I quite like it. The mochi on the other hand was a disappointment, I ended up not eating most of it.

My other favourite place to get frozen yogurt is Qoola

I enjoy how you are able to get as little or as much yogurt you desire and how you get to choose your own toppings. I was ecstatic when they finally carried cheesecake! I don’t like Qoola’s original flavoured yogurt as much because I find it not as tart compared to Pinkberry or Yogen Fruz.

The main reason I love frozen yogurt is because I love the tartness and how refreshing it is! I remember once this person was complaining how the frozen yogurt tasted like yogurt…. I was thinking ” uh, it’s called frozen YOGURT for a reason” LOL.


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