S and I went to Suika for lunch after reading numerous reviews about it. I was dying to try their matcha brulee and finally found the opportunity to. When we arrived at around 12pm, there were quite a few tables occupied, but when we left, it was packed. The lunch menu is not as exciting as their dinner menu, so I plan on returning to try that!

The beer bottle chandelier is so creative and pretty:

We started our meal with a complimentary salad. This had a tasty vinaigrette and both S and I enjoyed it.

Our first item to arrive was the smoke tuna tataki with homemade chili oil. The tuna was melt in your mouth tender and the chilli oil was delicious. We also loved the addition of scallions and pickled onions. I realized later when I was looking at my photos that I should have turned the plate the other way -_-

Next to arrive is the Negitoro Batterapressed chopped tuna belly & scallion,avocado topped with home made soy dressing and seaweed sauce. The tuna again was very tender and the sauces complimented the dish very well. Our only complaint was we wish there was more sauce!

Our last dish arrive was the hamburg steak sethome made juicy hamburger steak served on a hot plate served with terriyaki or soy based sauce. We opted for the soy based sauce which the waitress pours for you at the table,it was very interesting. The combo also comes with rice, miso soup and kimchi. The hamburger steak, served over a bed of potatoes, was juicy and exhibited a nice flavour. The sauce wasn’t too salty, which I appreciate and I thought the miso soup was quite good actually.

We ended our delicious meal with matcha bruleefrozen matcha creme brulee with freshed whipped cream and red bean sauce. I’ve been wanting to try this for the longest time and I was definitely not disappointed! It had the creaminess of a regular creme brulee but in frozen form, similar to ice cream. Even though both S and I are not fans of red bean, we thought the red bean sauce went well with the matcha brulee, it was subtle and not over powering.

I will be back to try their dinner menu, but based on the items I tried, I was quite satisfied. I enjoyed all the dishes we ordered and the service was friendly and prompt. I rate Suika 9/10.

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