My Week in Phone Pictures

This week has been quite stressful, with 2 midterms next week, I’ve been frantically studying. Sadly, I will not to going to Dine Out Vancouver this year because it just so happens to fall during midterm season 😦

I’ve also started uploading my photo’s on Flickr and posting them here because I’ve run out of uploading space on my blog. When I delete the pictures, they don’t appear on the post, a reason why in some of my old post the pictures aren’t showing.

Stressful week means a week eating my favourite foods. Here are some food picture from my phone from this past week:

More Yogen Fruz! This time I went for original non fat w/ strawberries

Eating my favourite spicy salmon combo from Sushi Nanaimo. I forgot to take a picture before I started eating, hence the missing cucumber roll 😛

Mocha Macaron from Footo delights in downtown.

Frozen takoyaki from T&T supermarket. I added my own sauce, mayo and bonito flakes.

Pulled pork sandwich on whole wheat bun & baked potatoe wedges that I made for lunch today. More like assembled because I didn’t actually make the pulled pork, my mom brought it back from her work place.

On the plus side, I got a good amount of money from Chinese New Years which I won’t be spending anytime soon because I don’t enjoy shopping when I have midterms coming up, I find it too distracting.


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