Recent Purchases

I finally went shopping today after a stressful week. Going to be another stressful few weeks with 2 more midterms to do 😦

Here is what I got on my shopping trip today:

From Plenty:

White Vero Moda blouse. There are having an extra 25% off sale items so this came out to be around $23 after taxes.

From Aritzia I got:

T. Babaton Jolie Blouse in Pencil Dot. This is made from 100% silk and is on sale for $60. I normally wouldn’t spend so much on a shirt, but I’ve been eying this shirt for some time and it’s made from silk, so the price is more justifiable LOL.

Wilfred Cheval Top in Leopard. This was on sale for $37.50. I also really wanted this shirt when I saw it online and went into 2 different Aritzia’s to find it and after attempting to find it at a 3rd Aritzia, I finally spotted it, and it as the last one! It was actually not my size, but it seemed like it would fit so I tried it on and to my luck it did.

My last purchase of the day is from Thierry

A pack of 7 macarons. I will do a separate post on these 🙂

So that’s what I got today. Going to the states in 2 weeks and I am excited for that.


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