Cindy’s Palace

Formerly Golden Phoneix, Cindy’s Palace is now situated on Nanaimo Street and 2nd Avenue. I’ve actually never tried it when it was Golden Phoneix, but I’m not really a fan of this type of Chinese cuisine anyways.

This place is about a 5 minute walk from my house, so my family decided to go there for dinner to try the food.

I know one of their specialties is their soup, but my family didn’t end up ordering any soup despite the recommendations from the waitress.

Our first dish to arrive was the scallops and broccoli in birds nest. I’m not quite sure what the exact name of this dish is because we did not originally intend on ordering this, but apparently the kitchen made an extra one and the waitress really wanted to sell it, so we ordered it.

The “birds nest” is made from shredded deep fried taro and was my favourite part of the dish. Also included in this dish along with scallops and broccoli is baby corn, mushroom and celery. The veggies were crisp and the scallops were cooked right, I enjoyed this dish.

Next dish to arrive is Clams with spicy and garlic. I love the combination of garlic with the spicy peppers. This dish had a nice kick, but there seemed to be a low clam meat to clam shell ratio. Nonetheless, this was a great dish to eat with rice.

Gai Lan with garlic was the next to arrive. Usually I find many Chinese restaurants cook their veggies with too much oil, but these ones weren’t oil laden. The gai lan was crisp but lacking the taste of garlic.

The roasted squab appeared to be a bit small, but was roasted perfectly with moist meat. The flavours were good without being overly salty.

The last dish to arrive was the sole fillet fish with cream corn sauce. At first glance the fish appeared to be a bit pale, and upon eating, the batter was too thick and could have used a bit more frying. The fish was moist though and the sweet cream corn sauce was alright, nothing special.

Like most Chinese restaurants, complimentary dessert is provided. The red bean soup with tang yuan/ mochi ball arrived when we finished our meal. I am not a fan of red bean stuff, so I can’t really comment on this dish. I did eat the mochi though, which was actually pretty good.

Cindy’s Palace didn’t blow my mind away nor underwhelm me. The service was alright, attentive at times but they did give us a 20% off for the birds nest, which we appreciated. Like I said before, I’m not a fan of this type of Chinese cuisine so I think most of the restaurants taste the same.

I rate Cindy’s Palace 7/10

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