Thierry: Macarons

Finally got around to trying Theirry’s macarons! I went around noon to ensure all the flavours were still there since a lot of them sell out by the end of the day.

I decided to get a pack of 7, with tax it came out to be around $13. I believe they are $1.75 each if you buy them individually.

Thierry’s macarons in terms of size is bigger than places like Thomas Haas and French Made Baking. Thierry also fills their macarons with butter cream as opposed to filling it with ganache.

Flavours from left to right: chocolate pistachio, chocolate caramel, pumpkin, apple+ spice, gianduja, coffee and cranberry

My favourite flavour out of the 7 are the cranberry and pumpkin flavour. The pumpkin flavour is reminiscent of a pumpkin spice latte, especially with the butter cream filling. The cranberry had dried cramberries embedded inside which added a nice tartness to the otherwise sweet macaron.

The macarons from Theirry were good, I think I prefer them over Thomas Haas’, but I don’t really remember how the ones from Thomas Haas taste like lol… BUT my favourite macarons currently is from French Made Baking.


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