Yuki’s Birthday Celebration

Today my cousin’s family threw a small dinner for their dog Yuki’s birthday. Her birthday is actually on Valentine’s day but we celebrated it today, she turns 3 this year 😀

I got her some treats from Three Dog Bakery  located in Point Grey on West 10th Ave. Got her a few Pugs in a blanket, heart bisquits, dog house bisquit and a dog cupcake. Everything is dog friendly, even the “chocolate”.

Here’s some pictures from the dinner:

They got a mango mousse cake from St. Germain but Yuki can’t eat it so she ate the cupcake instead. The cake was good, even though I’m not a big fan of mango. The picture on the bottom left is of Yuki begging for food, her favourite thing to do 😛

So that was my Sunday. Some of you might think it’s ridiculous to throw a party for a dog, but it’s more of a family get together haha. I’m obsessed with dogs, but sadly my parents will not allow one in our house so Yuki is the closest thing 🙂


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