New Waffle Iron

I mentioned in my previous wishlist post that I wanted a waffle iron, so my dad ordered one for me off Amazon 🙂

It finally came yesterday and I’ve been making waffles for the family.

I got the this Cuisinart waffle iron off Amazon and I’m loving it so far. I like the rotating function on the iron.

A Whole wheat waffle I made today. It turned out pretty good, but wasn’t as crispy because I substituted oil with apple sauce.

I love making my own waffles because I can control the amount of sugar and other ingredients I put and I can also experiment with different flavours.



2 thoughts on “New Waffle Iron

  1. umm did you add eggs to it? if so, you can seperate the egg and whip the egg whites until soft peaks then add a bit of sugar (approx. 1 tbsp) and whip it to stiff peaks then fold it in, that’ll make it a little lighter and slightly more crisp. Also, try adding some cornstarch into the batter, that’ll help too

    • yea I added eggs and beat it until stiff peaks. I didn’t use sugar, I used agave instead so that’s probably another reason why it isn’t crispy. It’s okay though because when I reheat it in the toaster it gets crispy

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