Chef Hung Tawainese Beef Noodle

I like to go to West Vancouver on my dad’s day off because a) it takes too long to bus there b) I don’t really know how to drive there. My dad wanted to try Chef Hung because he heard an ad on the radio so we made our way there.

They have many locations around the world which include Canada, US, China and Taiwan. The West Vancouver location is the newest addition to Canada.

Chef Hung himself has won numerous awards for his noodles and they had displays of their award winning dishes in the waiting area. The place was packed when we arrived, luckily a table just left so we got a seat fairly quickly.

We ordered 2 of their “champion” dishes and a drink.

My dad ordered the Champion Braised Beef with Noodle in Tomato Soup ($10.95). There was an option for thin or flat noodles, my dad went for the latter and a choice of spicy or non spicy, again my dad went for the latter. The dish was served with 4 pieces of tender beef and a bak choy. The soup had a light tomatoe flavour which was flavourful yet not overwhelming. I enjoyed this dish more than the dish I ordered.

I ordered the Champion braised beef shank, tendon and tripe with noodles ($10.95). I also got the flat noodles and non spicy, but in retrospect, I should have gotten the thin noodles instead.The tripe could have been a more tender, it was bordering tough. The tendon and beef shank were alright, nothing special. The broth had a light beefy flavour and was not too salty.

The last item to arrive is the Brown rice green milk tea (~$5). I requested for it to be half sweeten, the waitress just put down “less sugar”. I regret ordering this because it tasted horrible. It was so watered down and I could not taste any “milk tea” part. All it tasted like was watered down Japanese barley tea.

The noodle dishes we ordered were decent, not really award winning in my opinion. The prices were also on the higher side, considering you can get a similar dish for much less at other Tawainese places. I do take in account the location, so the prices matches that.The horrible tasting drink was understandable because Chef Hung’s is not a bubble tea joint.

I rate Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle 6.5/10

Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle 洪師父牛肉麵 on Urbanspoon


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