Lunch at Argo Cafe + Randoms

Here’s a quick post before I head off to do my midterm tonight.

Es S and I were originally going to go Denny’s for their 99 cent grand slam… but of course everyone else wants one and the line up was out the door! So we made a change of plans and decided on Argo Cafe instead, which was featured on Food Netoworks ” You Gotta Eat Here”.

We both went for their lunch specials which includes soup

(left) Lentil soup and (right) Moe Qua (Chinese Melon). The Moe Qua soup didn’t really  have any moe qua taste, tasted more like chicken soup.

I ordered the Argo Plate with Mash Potatoes, Veggies, Bacon wrapped Pork Tenderloin, Roasted Leg of Lamb& Flat Iron Steak ($11.50). The meats were cooked perfectly and the sauce was very good. The veggies were crisp and the mash potatoes were very creamy, overall I enjoyed this.

Es S ordered the Bacon wrapped Scallops & Snapper with Quinoa,Veggies topped with Creamy Leek Sauce ($12.75). The quinoa was good, had a nice flavour because it was cooked in chicken stock. The creamy leek sauce was also really good! I only tried a piece of the bacon wrapped scallop, but it was cooked nicely and the sauce complimented it well.

Food was good, considering this place is a dive/ hole in the wall. Definitely wasn’t expecting such great food from this kind of place.

On to the random part, I had a weird, bordering disturbing dream about my Criminology teacher LOL. I don’t know how I’m going to look at him tonight without thinking about my dream…

The shoes I ordered from Aldo also arrived today, their shipping is so fast! Another thing I like is that I can pay using my debit card ( through online banking) since I don’t have a credit card 😀



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