GyuDon Ya

Es S and I originally intended on going to Ebi Ten, but decided to try GyuDonYa instead since we haven’t tried their food before.

The interior is very small and seating is tight, especially when it get’s busy. I saw many people getting takeout, so that might be a better option if you are cluster-phobic.

They have an assortment of rice bowls ranging from beef to vegetable and ramen that are all reasonably price under $10. They also have side dishes to accompany your meal, but we didn’t try any of those.

Es S ordered the Gyu men-miso flavoured ramen. The noodles were al dente and the broth was flavourful. Sorry, I don’t recall what was in this but Es S seemed to enjoy it.

I went for the Grilled Chicken Bowlgrilled chicken in house special terriyaki sauce served with grilled scallions and bell peppers on a bowl of rice. The chicken was moist and the terriyaki sauce was quite flavourful without being too salty. I loved the additions of scallions and crunchy bell peppers to the dish.

GyuDonYa is a good place to get quick food for under $10, a no frill type of place. Overall, the food we tried was good but the seating was really tight, so take out would be a good option.

Gyudon Ya on Urbanspoon


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