TGIF, The Semester is Almsot Over

Spring semester is over next week, which means the frantically cramming and stressed for upcoming finals. I apologize in advance if this blog is neglected, but I’ll try to keep up with posts 🙂

Today M and I watched 21 Jump Street

The movie was hilarious and I highly recommend it if you’re into comedies. M and I’s movie experience could have been more enjoyable if we didn’t have 3 ANNOYING LG’s sitting beside us gasping and talking every time something happened to Channing Tatum. It’s a comedy, not a horror film, I don’t understand the need for exaggerated noises when you should be laughing!

Anyways, before the movie M and I went to Sala Thai for some lunch

{My lunch for today: chicken with cashews}

Here are some other photo’s from the week:

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Dinner and Purchase

Just a quick post about what I made for dinner and what I bought today.

I bought the Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins skin tone correcting serum after reading good reviews about it. I’m hoping it works well for my acne scars.I also bought some clothes but I’m too lazy to take a picture of it.

For dinner today, I made…..

Lemon grass chicken, sauteed mushrooms and asparagus. I sauteed the mushroom with some olive oil, spices and a bit of Parmesan cheese and steamed the  asparagus.

President’s Choice Greek Yogurt Smoothie Bar: Honey Flavor

A few weeks back when I was at Superstore, they were giving out free samples of President Choice’s newest product: Greek yogurt smoothie bars. I thought it tasted great so I bought a box of the honey flavor.

I believe they have three flavours: raspberry, mango and honey. This product is part of their Blue Menu line as it is low in fat and contains 100 calories per bar. It also contains 1 billion probiotic live active cultures, something you would find in regular yogurt

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Bel Cafe

S, Bill Gate’s daughter and I met up at Bel Cafe to catch up on life. Bill Gate’s daughter show cased her slimmer body and do you want to know what her secret is? Apparently it is partying….

Anyways back to Bel Cafe. Bel Cafe is located in Rosewood Hotel Georgia and is owned by chef David Hawsworth. I wanted to try Bel Cafe because I wanted to try their macarons! They have a good selection of food items ranging from macarons, drinks,soups,salads,sandwiches to desserts.

The setup of the cafe was different from other cafes- you have to wait to be seated and a server will take your order. More like a restaurant than a cafe, but there is the option of getting take out.

S started off with a drink

She ordered a London Fog.

Both S and Bill Gate’s daughter ordered the Breakfast Sandwich-organic egg, back bacon, tomato, gruyere gougère. Along with these ingredients, what appear to be some sort of avocado mousse was sandwiched between choux pastry. S said this was alright, she said my sandwich looked better.

Even though it was lunch, they still had breakfast sandwiches left so S and Bill Gate’s daughter were able to order it.

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My Bad Week in Phone Pictures

In my previous post I said I was having a bad day, but my week seems to get worst…

Here are some pictures from the week I took with my phone:

{When no one is looking, Yuki likes jumping on my brother’s bed even though she’s not allowed to. So sneaky haha}

{ Union Jack chocolate egg and Mini Cooper :P. People who know me will understand why I like this}

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Having a Bad Day

I’ve been having a bad day today, things just seemed to get worst as the day progressed. The thing that really got me was how I got a bad mark on my psychology midterm and I studied hard for it. School is depressing…

Anyways, just wanted to share a music video, I’ve been loving this song!

I’m excited for the hunger games even though I haven’t read the book 😛

I was also called a feminist today. As much as I believe that women should have equal opportunity,I am not a feminist.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day + Weekend Randoms

Happy St. Patrick’s day everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your Saturday. Been spending my weekend working on my criminology paper but here’s what I’ve been up to:

{Been eating these Japanese Cheesecake Es S made. So delicious!}

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