My Week in Photos

Sorry for the late post, fell asleep after I came home from the library haha… so typical of me. Anyways, another boring week but here are some pictures I snapped:

Urban Source peacock display

While walking along Main Street, I walked passed one of my favourite craft stores, Urban Source, and they had this beautiful peacock display made from foil ( I believe).

I’ve been downloading and playing with different editing apps on my phone and here’s some “editing” I did LOL:

Creme Brulee from Max's Deli & Bakery in Oakridge mall

I enjoyed a Creme Brulee from Max’s stall in Oakridge. I used the dessert borders because I thought it was appropriate for this picture 😛

Spicy tuna roll and takoyaki from Ebi Ten. Unfortunately, the roll wasn’t too good; the rice was too gummy and the salmon wasn’t spicy at all.

I’ve been using instagram for some time now, even before I got my iPhone by using it on my iPad, but I’ve been quite obsessed with it lately…. 

Picture of Es S and our cousins dog Toby

Picture of a bird I found on my memory card, Instagram effect makes the picture look nicer.

I was looking through my memory cards and most of my food pictures are of food LOL. I should start taking pictures of other things like scenery or perhaps of people, because I really lack pictures of people even though I have a portrait lens.


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