Friday Is Forever

I haven’t done anything on a Friday for a while! For the past month and a half, my Fridays consist of studying, but I finally got a mini break today. So M and I decided we wanted to watch a movie and decided on The Descendants.

Before our movie, we went to ShuRaku for lunch:

{Bento Box consisting of green salad, assorted tempura, chicken terriyaki and rice| Spicy tuna roll}

I also did some shopping before the movie….

{Ring from Aldo}

{Ring also from Aldo}

Also stopped by Winners ( Robson and Granville location) and saw these designer shoes:

{Designer shoes}

{Prada pumps for $399.99}

{Ferragamo Flats}

{Michael by Michael Kors open toed flats}

I thought the Prada pumps were nice, but other than those I didn’t really like any of the other designer shoes.

So that was my Friday, now back to my normal schedule of studying because I have another midterm on Friday and a research paper due next Tuesday- how fun….


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