Happy St. Patrick’s Day + Weekend Randoms

Happy St. Patrick’s day everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your Saturday. Been spending my weekend working on my criminology paper but here’s what I’ve been up to:

{Been eating these Japanese Cheesecake Es S made. So delicious!}

{ Dog sitting Yuki for the week since her family went on a cruise}

{ Yuki wearing her rain jacket, which she doesn’t like too much}

I’ve been obsessed with playing the game Draw Something and had a funny incident while playing the game. It was a match between myself and someone named Ernesto B, and it was my turn. My word was “Korea” so I drew the Korean flag and added “Kim Jung Il” as another hint ( like the Korean flag wasn’t obvious enough). Ernesto doesn’t end up guessing the word “Korea” and writes on his turn ” Kim Jung Il is from China“. I laughed REALLY hard. Guess he needs a lesson in politics or history perhaps. So on my turn I wrote ” I think I would know my own race” and he withdrew from the match because of this stupid incident.


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