My Bad Week in Phone Pictures

In my previous post I said I was having a bad day, but my week seems to get worst…

Here are some pictures from the week I took with my phone:

{When no one is looking, Yuki likes jumping on my brother’s bed even though she’s not allowed to. So sneaky haha}

{ Union Jack chocolate egg and Mini Cooper :P. People who know me will understand why I like this}

{Chicken burrito wrap with mexi fries from Taco Luis. The mexi fries were so good!}

{Vietnamese meatball sub from Tung Hing bakery}

The semester is almost over but I still have an Anthropology paper due and finals to prepare for so I’m feeling really stressed. I got back my sociology midterm today and I didn’t do well either, I got the same mark I got on my psychology midterm…. Back in high school I didn’t care so much about marks, but now I feel more pressured to do well since I’m planning to transfer to a university and I need a high enough GPA.

I was driving home today after buying lunch and I kept hearing a thumping noise. I discovered this:

Basically a sharp metal object got wedged into the car’s tire and caused air to seep out, causing the tire to go flat. Ugh…. my dad tried to change the tire but couldn’t find the right screw to take the tire out. Luckily we called the car dealer and they towed the car for us and they are going to change the tire.
Edit: I forgot to add that when I came home after the tire incident, Yuki pooed on the ground and she ate some of it… There was poo smeared all over the floor. I didn’t think my day could get any worst, but it sadly did.

{Desserts: Macarons and Liege waffle from Indulgence bakery & Royal Milk Tea Cream Caramel from Fujiya}

My plan is to eat desserts and workout to boost my serotonin levels LOL. I hope I’ll have a better week next week, but for now I’m content with my desserts.


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