Bel Cafe

S, Bill Gate’s daughter and I met up at Bel Cafe to catch up on life. Bill Gate’s daughter show cased her slimmer body and do you want to know what her secret is? Apparently it is partying….

Anyways back to Bel Cafe. Bel Cafe is located in Rosewood Hotel Georgia and is owned by chef David Hawsworth. I wanted to try Bel Cafe because I wanted to try their macarons! They have a good selection of food items ranging from macarons, drinks,soups,salads,sandwiches to desserts.

The setup of the cafe was different from other cafes- you have to wait to be seated and a server will take your order. More like a restaurant than a cafe, but there is the option of getting take out.

S started off with a drink

She ordered a London Fog.

Both S and Bill Gate’s daughter ordered the Breakfast Sandwich-organic egg, back bacon, tomato, gruyere gougère. Along with these ingredients, what appear to be some sort of avocado mousse was sandwiched between choux pastry. S said this was alright, she said my sandwich looked better.

Even though it was lunch, they still had breakfast sandwiches left so S and Bill Gate’s daughter were able to order it.

I went for the Spiced Pulled Chicken Sandwich –bibb lettuce, caramelized onion, provolone, harissa aioli. This was nicely toasted and served with a side of arugula salad. This was tasty with tender chicken, although I wish the spice was more prominent.

Bill Gate’s daughter, unbeknownst to S and I, went ahead and ordered some desserts.

Sorry for the blurry picture!

She ordered 4 macarons: two black sesame yuzu, vanilla bean and pistachio. I tried the vanilla and pistachio and thought they were alright, although I wished the pistachio macaron could have had a stronger pistachio flavour. S said the black sesame yuzu had a strong presence of citrus and black sesame flavour.

Our last item is the classic baked cheesecake. This was creamy and not overly sweet, we all enjoyed it very much.

Overall, most of the items we tried at Bel Cafe were alright, but the cheesecake was very good. I’ll probably be back to try more macarons flavours since I didn’t have a say on what flavours we ordered.

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