President’s Choice Greek Yogurt Smoothie Bar: Honey Flavor

A few weeks back when I was at Superstore, they were giving out free samples of President Choice’s newest product: Greek yogurt smoothie bars. I thought it tasted great so I bought a box of the honey flavor.

I believe they have three flavours: raspberry, mango and honey. This product is part of their Blue Menu line as it is low in fat and contains 100 calories per bar. It also contains 1 billion probiotic live active cultures, something you would find in regular yogurt

Naturally I enjoyed this because I enjoy honey flavored Greek yogurt. It was very smooth and easy to eat,unlike some ice-cream bars. The sweetness from the honey was just right, not too sweet and if you’re not a fan of the taste of yogurt, the taste is very faint in this.

Overall I would recommend you trying this if you are a fan of Greek yogurt or looking for a healthier alternative to ice-cream. They are available where President Choice products are sold.



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