Farmer’s Market

I enjoy going to farmer’s markets, but I usually don’t end up buying any produce because I never go home after, which defeats the purpose of going LOL. I usually buy baked goods and other prepared foods, which in a ways that is still supporting local businesses.

I met up with Es S yesterday to go to the winter farmer’s market held at Nat Bailey Stadium. Unfortunately it was a gloomy day yesterday, but nonetheless, many people still went.

Here is a picture I took while waiting for the ever so punctual Es S 😉 :

{Pretty blossoms of spring, too bad the weather doesn’t match it}

Here is what I purchased from the farmer’s market:

{Creamy Earl Grey Scone– so delicious! I love anything earl grey,and this had a good early grey flavour}

{Root Vegetable Chips}

{(Top) Blueberry Cheesecake Bar (Bottom) Green Onion, Jalapeno & Cheddar Cheese Corn Bread}

Roaming Dragon was at the farmer’s market and Es S wanted to try one of their new menu items…

{Beef Rengdang Poutine– I usually don’t eat poutine’s, but this was so fragrant and flavourful! The beef was tender with hits of lemongrass and other spices. People kept asking Es S where she bought this because it smelled so good!}

{Chef Lynn Crawford was at the farmer’s market promoting “Market Kitchen”. I thought it was random, but an unexpected surprise}

Excited for the summer farmer’s market being held at Trout Lake to start. I can ride my bike there instead of driving there since it is closer to my house.


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