My Week in Phone Photos

This week has been a busy week preparing for finals and on top of that, my home internet is having problems. People who know me know what I have the most bizarre dreams, dreams that would make Freud proud LOL. I’ve been having some weird dreams about marriage and kids lately, I’m hoping these dreams aren’t foreshadows of my future haha.

Anyways, here are some pictures I took throughout the week:

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{Home made blueberry bran muffins minus raisins- just the way I like them!}


{Enjoying an original flavored frozen yogurt with strawberries from Yogen Fruz before night class}

{Dinner at Angel Cafe with my mom; chicken steak, baked oyster and a baked potato}


{Cemetery with my dad’s side of the family}


{BBQ sub & Chicken Salad Roll for lunch from Viet Sub}

{Expensive luxury cars @ the Vancouver International Auto Show}

{My (gas guzzling) dream care @ Vancouver International Auto Show.}


Waited an hour in line for the Plenty Warehouse Sale and got:

{Levi’s cutoffs, Propaganda skirt, Collective Concept dress, BC sandals x2, Navido Nadia oxfords}

{Brunch with M after the warehouse sale: delicious corn beef hash from Nice Cafe}

So that’s my week for you. Hope everyone has a good weekend!


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