My Strange Eating Habits

I thought I would blog about something different for a change, so I’ve compiled a list of my strange eating habits. We’ve all got them, so here are 15 of mines:

  1. I absolutely despise tofu because of its texture and taste but I love eating puddings, especially creme caramels and creme brulee and I’ve been told that they have similar textures.
  2. I only eat raw fish or sashimi with some sort of spicy sauce, I won’t eat it plain
  3. I don’t like eating raw proteins, as in raw seafood,meats,or eggs. I can only eat it if it’s seared on the outside or thinly sliced.
  4. I’m not a big fan of sandwiches and burgers because I find them too messy to eat, but I like subs, especially Vietnamese banh mi’s
  5. I don’t eat raw oysters but I love eating cooked oysters
  6. I hate the sweet and savory combo. I don’t like it when my sweet food touches my savory food
  7. I don’t like eating egg yolks. I get my eggs over-medium so I can eat the egg whites around the yolk
  8. My favourite meal of the day is breakfast/ brunch. I would eat it every meal if I could! I just love breakfast items such as waffles, pancakes, hash browns, etc.
  9. I actually don’t mind eating undressed salad. But if I do use dressing, it’s usually a vinaigrette because I don’t like creamy dressings
  10. Even though I love eating desserts, I don’t really like chocolate desserts because I find them too decadent (unless it’s white chocolate)
  11. I only like to eat certain types of Chinese food. I like Shanghainese and Tawainese food but I don’t enjoy eating Cantonese food
  12. I love aromatics- onions, garlic, scallions, shallots. At family dinners, I like to get every last bit of aromatics and eat it with the next dish
  13. I get sick of eating a certain food or cuisine if I eat it too often
  14. I hated yogurt as a child but now I can’t get enough of it
  15. My favourite protein is chicken; at a restaurant, I’ll most likely order something with chicken in it

So these are my strange eating habits. What are some of yours? I would love to hear them! 🙂



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