Hoi An Cafe

Now that I have some free time since the semester is over, I am back with a restaurant review! I visited Hoi An with my brother RKO a while back for the purpose of trying their specialty dish. RKO was getting a hair cut on Victoria Drive, so it was the perfect opportunity to try out this little cafe.

When we arrived on a Sunday afternoon, it was busy, which is a good sign. The place is fairly new and the interior is quite clean, but the seating can be very tight, depending on where you sit. The old couple beside us kept staring at me while I took pictures and they also kept staring at our food…

Hoi An has a small menu consisting of appetizers and pho (no rice dishes), but unlike other Vietnamese places around town, they serve Mi Quang and Mi Cao Lau- dry/ semi-dry rice noodle dishes served with a variety of ingredients.

RKO and I started off with an order of salad rolls. Consisting of vermicelli, romaine lettuce, shrimp and vietnamese ham, these were very fresh tasting and tightly rolled. Dipped into the accompany hoisin peanut sauce, these were delicious.

Both our dishes were served with a side of mixed green herbs consisting of basil, mint, romaine lettuce, and what I believe is slice banana flower.

RKO went for the Mi Quang-semi dry yellow rice noodle served with light soup base, pork and shrimp & garnished with mixed green herbs.It is also served with two crispy sesame crackers. The light broth and noodles were flavourful, and mixed with the ingredients, RKO enjoyed this dish.

I went for the Mi Cao Laudry yellow rice noodles served with sauteed garlic soy sauce and pork and garnished with mixed green herbs. Like the Mi Quang, this is also served with two crispy sesame crackers.This was also very flavourful and exhibited a salty garlic soy sauce flavour, but I found it to be too salty towards the bottom where most of the sauce was. I enjoyed this, but I regretted not ordering the Mi Quang instead because I prefer the lighter taste of the Mi Quang.

I was not disappointed with Hoi An Cafe, the food was very fresh and the noodle dishes are unlike the others I have tried. Service was also friendly and prompt, which is why I recommend Hoi An Cafe if you are looking for something other than the usual Pho you find in Vancouver.

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