Yutaka Japanese Cuisine

Yutaka is a Japanese restaurant fairly new to Main street. It is just off King Edward and resides where the old African restaurant is located. RKO, my dad and I visited Yutaka because we’ve been wanting to try it for some time. FYI my dad made the chairs there LOL, so he wanted to see how the food was.

Like many Japanese restaurants in Vancouver, Yutaka is Chinese owned. To me it doesn’t really matter as long as the food is acceptable. The day we visited,according to the owner, the waitresses had called in sick, leaving the owner/manager and who I assume is the sushi chef to serve everyone.

I ordered the spicy salmon sashimi with chips ($9). The salmon was dressed with a Korean pepper paste (gochujang) based sauce and was more sweet than spicy and the accompany chips were shrimp crackers. For $9, I was a bit disappointed with the small portion of salmon sashimi.

Next, we decided to share a roll and went for the one of their special rolls, the Honor Roll ($7.50)-prawn tempura, tamago, kani, mango wrapped with cucumber. I am terribly sorry for the out of focus picture, I didn’t realize my camera focused on the sauce instead of the sushi. Bad camera skills aside, the honor roll contained no rice with a cucumber encasing and had a clean taste. I couldn’t taste any mango and didn’t even realize it contained any mango’s until after I read the description again.

At this point I had to switch lenses because my 50mm was just not working out.

RKO ordered the Yaki Soba ($7.50) containing chicken, beansprouts, onions, cabbage and carrots cooked with soba noodles. This was neither too oily or salty with perfectly cooked noodles and we all enjoyed this dish.

My dad went for the Ishi Yaki ($7.50) –hot stone bowl cooking: rice, minced beef, veggie, egg, and spicy miso combined in a hot stone bowl. Pictured above is what the dish looks like after our server mixed all the ingredients together at the table. I wasn’t fast enough to take a picture of it’s original form, but imagine a steak tartar bibimbap. This was my favourite dish of the night but the sauce used tasted more like Korean gochujang than spicy miso. The dish had good flavours and the best part is the crispy rice that forms on the bottom of the stone pot.

I was still hungry, so I ordered a Katsu Don ($7). The breaded pork chop was served atop a bed of sauced rice. This was also another winner; the pork was crispy, moist and the sauce had a good balance of sweet and salty. I also like how the added sauce to the rice, adding flavour to every spoonful of rice.

I will most likely return to Yutaka, because I want to try their speciality items such as the pearl chicken, ebi filo and age king oyster mushroom. In retrospect,I regret not ordering any of those dishes, but that gives me another chance to go back! Even with the disappointing portion of the spicy salmon sashimi, everything else is reasonably priced and reasonably portioned.

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