Instagram Weekend

Here’s some pictures of my weekend from my Instagram. Feel free to follow me @jessicayet if you want to see more pictures 😛

M and I went to our usual spot for Korean food and watched The Avengers. We watched it in 3D because the 2D show was sold out, but nonetheless, the movie was great! Also helps that Chris Evans is easy on the eyes…

My food purchases: Bel Cafe macarons, biscuit with green tea filling, meiji matcha chocolate and meiji the Earl Grey chocolate. The biscuit were disappointing, I couldn’t taste the matcha at all but the matcha chocolate was delicious! Had a strong matcha taste, definitely recommend.

Got my biked fixed and took advantage of the sunny Sunday and biked from False Creek to Granville Island. Pictured on the top right is a seafood chowder from The Whet from Granville Island.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and happy Monday!


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