Top It Off

The sun is out, which means that the sun is shining harmful UV rays. One of my sunny day essentials are hats, especially now that my dermatologist put me on antibiotics, which causes me to sunburn easily. To be honest, I always thought I looked funny in hats and never wore them because I have a hard time finding one that fits my big head. But now that it’s crucial for me to wear one, I’ve scoured the web for some fashionable and functional hats that spark my interest.

Here are my picks:

{Aldo Lohrey hat}

{Obey Smooth Sailing hat– I tried this one on at Plenty and fell in love with it, too bad it’s a tad pricey}

{Zara tie print fabric hat}

{H&M hat}

{Pins and Needles Crochet Floppy Hat}

{Pins and Needles Short Brim Straw Cloche}


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