Richmond Summer Night Market

This past Friday, Es S and I made our way to the Richmond Summer Night Market for the first time this year. This year, a new one has opened up near River Rock Casino. We planned on visiting both, and we did just that. I don’t venture into Richmond often because I find it inconvenient and the roads confuse me. Usually I enjoy going to the summer night market, but this time it left a bad impression.

The Richmond Summer Night Market is open from May 11 to September 16.                                                          They are open Fri & Sat: 7:00PM-12:00AM and Sun & Holidays: 7:00PM-11:00PM.

It is a bit confusing getting to the new night market so Es S and I ended up exiting the night market instead of going to the parking lot. We ended up parking near Aberdeen Center and taking the Canada Line there. While walking to the night market, I guess I didn’t move out of the way in time and accidentally bumped into an old lady, who yelled, “CRAAAZY” at me. I wasn’t even at the night market yet and I was already having a bad night.

The new night market requires a $1 admission, which I wasn’t aware of and was not too pleased about.

Because of the $1 admission, there was a long line and wait to get into the night market. Again, not too pleased.

I didn’t take too many pictures of the stalls, but most stalls were selling phone accessories, Apple accessories, phone cases (mostly iPhone), stationary, and jewelry. I didn’t take too many pictures, but here are the few I took:

{Cute phone sleeves and the only item I purchased: a rose design iPhone case}

{There was a stall selling macaron’s and large mac pop’s, but I didn’t end up getting anything}

The great thing about the new night market is that there are more food stalls. To me, the best part of going to the night market is for the food, but it can get pricey! Here is what Es S and I got:

{The okonomiyaki was good but a bit undercooked| The chilli bakudanyaki was delicious; ingredients inside included quail egg, squid, shrimp, cabbage and a lot of other ingredients}

This place was the biggest disappointment of the night. Es S and I ordered one original and one matcha bubble waffle and waited. We were told the wait would be 15-30 minutes, so we walked around and came back around 25 minutes. After inquiring about our order, the confused cashier gave us 2 original bubble waffles. The reason being is because she gave another person the same number as Es S and I, so we ended up with their order! I was pretty angry, not only because I paid an extra 50 cents for the matcha, but because I waited SO long for a matcha bubble waffle. I do not recommend this place not only because of the extremely long wait, but because the bubble waffle wasn’t even good.

After that, Es S and I made our way to the original Richmond Summer Night Market. This one had a lot less people, maybe because it was an hour before closing when we got there. Most food stalls were either sold out of food or closing, so here is what we managed to get:

{I enjoyed the food we got; the chicken skewers were moist and the squid was quite spicy but delicious}

Words of wisdom:

  • Packed with people (I would avoid it if you are claustrophobic or have bad anxiety around large amounts of people)
  • Original location is free and has less people
  • Great place to eat and try new foods, but can get pricey depending on how much you buy
  • Good place to get phone accessories and phone cases, but beware, I saw many fake Marc by Marc Jacob and Kate Spade iPhone cases
  • Pay for parking in the parking lot ($5) and some free parking around the area


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