Bel Cafe Macaron’s

I’ve been to Bel Cafe prior to this visit (read post here) but I was only able to try a few of their macarons as I had no say in what flavours were ordered. So I visited Bel Cafe again after reading about their cookies and creams macaron. Being a cookies and cream lover, I finally made my way to Bel Cafe when the right opportunity was presented.

Bel Cafe’s macaron’s are $2, which is on par with most places and you can buy them individually or in a box of 8 or 16. I went for the box of 8:

{Flavours from left to right: pistachio, cookies and cream, vanilla, cookies and creams, rosewater lychee, dark chocolate, maple bacon and pistachio}

The texture of the macaron’s were crisp and airy. In terms of size, it was not too small or too big and what I enjoy most about these macaron’s is that the flavours were quite prominent. Often, I find the flavours of macarons quite muted, but these macarons were not.

Here’s what I thought of the flavours I got (I actually took notes this time :P):

  • Maple bacon: I could taste the salty bacon in the butter cream and the sweet maple shell; bacon bits embedded into the butter cream. A good sweet and savory combo (coming from a person who doesn’t like that combo)
  • Rosewater lychee: strong presence of rosewater taste, not so much the lychee
  • Cookies and cream: my favourite one! Tasted like an Oreo
  • Dark chocolate: tasted more like milk chocolate than dark chocolate, bit too sweet for my liking
  • Pistachio: apparent pistachio taste
  • Vanilla: good vanilla taste, tasted different (in a good way) than other vanilla macarons I’ve had

Overall, I enjoyed Bel Cafe’s macaron’s. These come in second as my favourite macaron’s in Vancouver, after Soirette.


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