Whatever You Desire Turns 1!

Today marks the 1st birthday of my blog. Exactly one year ago, I started this blog right before I graduated from high school to share my life and photos with my close friends. It’s been a fun year of blogging and it’s become a great hobby of mines. I never thought I would get any subscribers or readers (other than my friends) because I didn’t do much to promote my blog. In reality, I’m an extremely shy and akward person, but blogging has been a great outlet to express my thoughts and go out of my comfort zone.

I just want to thank all my subscribers and to those who read my blog! I would also like to thank you all for tolerating my grammar/writing; second to math, English has always been my weakest subject in school.  I don’t know how long I will continue blogging, but I know I won’t be quitting anytime soon. Once again, a big thank you to all my readers! 😀

XO Jessica



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