Matcha Madness

It’s no secret that I love matcha, if there is something made with matcha, I will most likely try it. While browsing at Konbinya Japan Center with S.A.W., my eyes immediately gravitated towards the matcha section. It was heaven for me and I picked up a few matcha food items:

{Top left: Country Ma’am Matcha Flavoured Chocolate Chip Cookies| Top right: Sequoia Matcha Green Tea Chocolate| Middle: Matcha Kit-Kat| Bottom: Meiji Matcha Chocolate}

Here’s what I thought of each item:

  • Country Ma’am cookies: Very faint matcha flavour, tasted like a normal chocolate chip cookie with chewy texture
  • Sequoia Matcha Green Chocolate: Tasted good, but the matcha flavour wasn’t very noticeable but I still enjoyed it
  • Matcha Kit-Kat: Nice matcha and white chocolate flavour. Recommend!
  • Meiji Matcha Chocolate: Rich matcha flavour, most prominent out of all the matcha items I bought

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