California On…

If you watch the “California On” serious on Youtube hosted by Kassem G, this may look familiar. This was taken at Venice beach, one of our last stops on our California trip. Looking back at all the photos I took, I really miss California.

I am looking forward to the long weekend but I have a lot of homework and reading to do. I am currently reading The Great Gatsby for my English class and I am enjoying it so far, maybe it is because I find the wealthy fascinating, especially in the 1920’s.

I’ve been feeling a bit uninspired lately, so I apologize in advance if I don’t produce exciting content. I will most likely be writing shorter posts for the month of July, but I promise August will contain better posts! I hope everyone has a good weekend! 🙂

Ben and Jerry’s Churro Sundae

When I was in California, I ate churro’s 3 out of the 5 days I was there. I remember when I first went to Disneyland, I believe that was about 12 years ago, I ate a churro not knowing what it was. 12 years late I still recall this memory, so I had to relive my childhood memory and eat a churro from Disneyland.

While I was at Universal Studios, I noticed the Ben and Jerry’s stall selling churro sundaes and convinced my brother to share one with me.

The bottom contains soft served vanilla ice-cream topped with whipped cream, a churro’s, drizzled with chocolate sauce and topped with a cherry. I could have done without the chocolate sauce, but it was heaven in my mouth. I wish they had this back in Vancouver, but all I can do is stare at the picture or perhaps make Es S to make me some churro’s LOL.


Vancouver’s Bipolar Weather

Vancouver’s weather has been pretty bipolar lately; one minute it’s pouring rain, then the next it’s extremely sunny. I tried to make the most of the weekend before school starts again and fortunately for me, the weather was very nice yesterday so I went biking. I also watched Seeking a Friend for the End of the World with S.A.W. and I thought the movie went a bit slow; the best part for me was the cute dog in the movie. The movie was very funny though, so I would recommend watching it if you’re into comedy.

Here’s some pictures I took with my iPhone during the weekend:

{Spotted this shirt along with a few other nice shirts at Front and Company}

{Vij’s Railway Express, one of the new food trucks in Vancouver, was at the Farmer’s Market so Es S bought and order of cassava fries and lamb kebab to try. Both were delicious!}

{Pho with Es S}

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I start class next Monday, which means my days won’t be spent being unproductive. Since it’s a half semester course, it ends on the first week of August which gives me another small break before the fall semester. I am also getting my wisdom tooth taken out next week. I only have one wisdom tooth, so it shouldn’t be that bad and I am prepared to be drinking copious amounts of fluids.

Here are some recent pictures from my Instagram:

{Main Street car free day}

{Took a nice bike ride on the summer solstice}

{Homemade spicy salmon sashimi}

I hope everyone has a good weekend!

LA Purchases

I didn’t plan on buying too much in LA, mostly because I bought all the summer clothes that I need but I was still on the hunt for maxi skirts. Most of my trip was spent sight seeing so I didn’t get in much shopping but here is what I got:

{Maxi skirt from Forever 21. Only $18!}

I visited Santee Alley which is located in the fashion district because I heard they had cheap clothing and accessories. From Santee Alley I got:

{Sleeveless blouse}

{Hi-low skirt}

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Wang’s Tawain Beef Noodle House

After the farmer’s market, Es S and I wanted more food so we settled on Wang’s Tawain Beef Noodle House. I’ve been here previously with my dad but did not blog about it. I knew that this time I wanted to try their beef noodle soup with thin noodles.

We started off with an appetizer combo plate consisting of marinated trip (left), seaweed (center) and marinated cucumber. The tripe was served warm and I thought it could be more flavourful. I didn’t enjoy the seaweed, something about the texture and taste that I didn’t like. The cucumbers were crunchy and refreshing.

I went for the beef brisket soup w/ thick noodles. The noodles were al dente and the beef was tender, but the soup was a bit salty for me.

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Main Street Car Free Day

On father’s day this past weekend, car free day was being held on Main Street, Denman Street and Commercial Drive. I decided to check out the Main Street one since my dad’s workshop is on Main and he was working that day. I met up with S.A.W and we walked around to see what there was.

The weather forecast called for rain that day, but luckily it only rained a bit in the morning and the skies cleared up a bit. There were vendors selling mostly food, clothes or accessories; most of them local and from the shops on Main Street.

{This stall had some nice jewelry}

There were also a lot of cute dogs, I got distracted by all the cuteness!

{The puppy on the right reminded me of Yuki when she was a puppy. It kept jumping on the black dog and started biting it’s ears LOL}

S.A.W and I decided to share 7 pieces of takoyaki. These were filled with shrimp and squid as opposed to octopus and topped off with nori and bonito flakes. These were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside but we would have liked less sauce and more mayo, but I still thought they tasted good and most importantly they were cooked all the way through.

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Happy Father’s Day

Happy father’s day everyone! This year I will probably be making my dad dinner again since he has to work. I wanted to go bike riding with him, but of course it’s raining. I had a dream that I was in LA again, I already miss California and it’s sunny weather. Anyways, here’s a picture of the ocean I took at Santa Monica pier to end this post.

What a Week

First week back from my vacation and I must say that Vancouver weather sucks. 5 days of sunny, warm weather in California and I come back to Vancouver with rain and cloudy skies. Isn’t it suppose to be summer? I also came home to a letter pertaining to my mom, not going to go into detail about it, but now I have to be on the watch for a psychotic lady who might be possibly stalking our house.

Here’s what I did this week:

{Indian food with Es S at Palki}

{First time getting a pedicure! (please excuse my ugly feet)}

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Sala Thai

M and I went to Sala Thai a while back after class to eat lunch before catching a movie at Scotia Bank Theater. Their lunch menu had a good variety of dishes and weren’t expensive, good for students like M and myself.

We started with an appetizer to share

We decided on the Ka-nam pang na-moo gaideep fried bread topped with minced pork or chcken, served with fresh cucumber salad ($4.25). We went with the chicken and these reminded me of a savory French toast stuffed with chicken. The accompanying cucumber salad was very good and complimented the dish well.

My lunch special came with a soup, the menu didn’t specify what kind of soup, but because of the use of fish sauce, this soup was extremely salty. It was edible after adding water to it.

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