Main Street Car Free Day

On father’s day this past weekend, car free day was being held on Main Street, Denman Street and Commercial Drive. I decided to check out the Main Street one since my dad’s workshop is on Main and he was working that day. I met up with S.A.W and we walked around to see what there was.

The weather forecast called for rain that day, but luckily it only rained a bit in the morning and the skies cleared up a bit. There were vendors selling mostly food, clothes or accessories; most of them local and from the shops on Main Street.

{This stall had some nice jewelry}

There were also a lot of cute dogs, I got distracted by all the cuteness!

{The puppy on the right reminded me of Yuki when she was a puppy. It kept jumping on the black dog and started biting it’s ears LOL}

S.A.W and I decided to share 7 pieces of takoyaki. These were filled with shrimp and squid as opposed to octopus and topped off with nori and bonito flakes. These were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside but we would have liked less sauce and more mayo, but I still thought they tasted good and most importantly they were cooked all the way through.

There were also some food trucks and recognizable food stalls:

{Tacofino was one of the few food trucks present}

{French Made Baking was also there selling their delicious goodies. I had to refrain myself from purchasing anything but it was so tempting}

El Caminos (formerly Latitude) was selling some Latin food including tacos, arepas, and subs. El Caminos has been on my radar for a long time because my dad knows the owners, so I decided to try some of their items.

Between my dad and I, we got chicken tacos and carnitas arepas. The chicken tacos were garnished with pickled jalapenos which gave it a kick and the chicken was flavourful. This was my first time trying arepas, but I’ve seen it on Diner’s, Drive-In and Dives many times so I was excited to try it. The bun was fried to a crisp and the carnitas was tender, both my dad and I enjoyed this more than the tacos.

{Sea of people}

I had a great time at Main Street car free day and I will hopefully be back next year.



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