Wang’s Tawain Beef Noodle House

After the farmer’s market, Es S and I wanted more food so we settled on Wang’s Tawain Beef Noodle House. I’ve been here previously with my dad but did not blog about it. I knew that this time I wanted to try their beef noodle soup with thin noodles.

We started off with an appetizer combo plate consisting of marinated trip (left), seaweed (center) and marinated cucumber. The tripe was served warm and I thought it could be more flavourful. I didn’t enjoy the seaweed, something about the texture and taste that I didn’t like. The cucumbers were crunchy and refreshing.

I went for the beef brisket soup w/ thick noodles. The noodles were al dente and the beef was tender, but the soup was a bit salty for me.

Es S ordered the noodle in hot and sour soup. As indicated by the picture, the broth lacked colour, hence a lack of sourness. It wasn’t very “hot” either, it was more like a thickened soup. Es S ended up packing most of it to go. Would not recommend getting this dish here unless you don’t like hot or sour foods.

Overall I thought the food was sub par and my experience left me wanting more; the food wasn’t that good and the service was lacking. I will most likely not return since there are many more Tawainese restaurants to try.

Wang's Taiwan Beef Noodle House 王記台灣牛肉麵 on Urbanspoon


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