Roundel Cafe

Roundel Cafe has been on my radar for a while now. Like many of the restaurants on Hastings, I don’t live too far from Roundel Cafe but yet it has taken me so long to try it. Es S and I went on a Saturday afternoon and the place wasn’t too busy, mainly because there was a 30 minute lineup at The Red Wagon.

Es S went for one of their specials, diabla shrimp benny with provolone & holloandaise sauce with toasted potatoes and salad. Es S said she enjoyed the benny.

I went for the two eggs with farmers sausage which also came with potatoes and salad. I love how they include salad with your meals since often I find that I don’t consume enough veggies when I eat out. I enjoyed this dish very much; the potatoes were crispy and I appreciate the addition of sweet potatoes. The farmers sausage was a nice change from breakfast sausages.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Roundel Cafe. The service was excellent, our server was very friendly and fast. I will most likely be back because I want to try milkshakes.

Roundel Cafe on Urbanspoon


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