Last Day of Magic

I’ve had a bad week to say the least. I spent all week stressing and working on my essay and the hot weather has produced undesirable amounts of body acne. I did however, watch Magic Mike with M yesterday and I wish I didn’t, I could have saved myself time and money. Worst part was the immature teenager sitting beside me squealed every time she saw Channing Tatum, which was many times. Enough with my ranting, I present to you some pictures I snapped during my week with my phone.

{My unsuccessful attempt at making macarons. The bottoms browned too quickly producing an overly crunchy macaron. At least they look ok}

{I really like this infinity love sign I found on Instagram}

{Oysters & chips (with a side salad) from Sockeye City Grill in Steveston}

{Studded boots I refrained myself from purchasing}

{Yesterday’s lunch from Pho Hoang}

My weekend plans include finishing Slaughterhouse Five and preparing for my in class essay, attempting to bake another batch of macarons and helping my dad at work. I hope everyone has a good weekend and thanks for reading! 🙂


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