Afternoon Tea at Faubourg

Back in April (I know, I’m really late on my food posts), S.A.W, Bill Gates daughter and I met up at Faubourg for high tea. We were contemplating between Adonia and Faubourg, but settled for the latter. This was S.A.W. and I’s first experience for high tea, and of course this does not apply to Bill Gates daughters, as her parents are very generous with her allowance.

The restaurant/ high tea area is located in the back of the place and is elegantly decorated with a beautiful chandelier. I particularly enjoyed the chairs, the china was also quite nice.

We went for the Pink afternoon tea, which included your choice of tea, sandwiches and pastries for $25.50. I thought it was a tad pricey, especially for a student like myself, but it ended up being quite filling. The high tea here is cheaper than many places, take Fairmount for example.

The server brought out samples of their tea offerings for us to smell. There were quite a few choices, so it took us a while to decide what to get.

S.A.W and I both ended up choosing the Earl Grey tea as our choice of tea. I don’t recall what Bill Gates daughter choice, I believe it was a fruity tea. Two Earl Grey tea bags were placed into a pot of hot water and water is refilled upon request.

The food arrived promptly. We were advised to eat the souffle first as it will deflate. From top left to top right: mini opera cake, passion fruit macaron, fruit souffle, puff pastry, lemon tart, chocolate mousse. From bottom left to right: scones served with cream and jam, smoked salmon and wasabi cream pinwheel, roast beef,cucumber and coriander cream sandwich, and chicken, apple, and country ranch sandwich.

My favourite items were the scone, the lemon tart and the savoury items. The scones were nice and flaky and the accompanying cream was equally as delicious. The lemon tart had the perfect balance of sweet and tart. Though the roast beef sandwich was a tad salty, I still enjoyed the flavours along with the other two savoury items.

My least favourite items were the puff pastry, fruit souffle and the opera cake. I found the puff pastry to be very boring, I wished there was some custard or something else to accompany it. I am not a fan of fruity desserts, so naturally I wasn’t a fan of the opera cake and the souffle. The souffle was nicely made though, very light and airy.

Bill Gates daughter was still hungry so she ordered a beef bourguignon. I found this dish to be too salty and the beef wasn’t very tender, but I’m quite sensitive to salty foods so others might find it fine. The dish was accompanied by broccoli sauteed with butter and creamy mashed potatoes. I actually enjoyed the side dishes more than the actual dish. This was around $18, so it was quite pricey in my books…

Overall, my high tea experience at Faubourg was positive. Our server was attentive and informative and the place had a nice ambiance. Like I said above, though the high tea was $25.50, I got quite full from all the tea and all the food.



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