Weekend Randoms: Eats and Shoes

After working 6 days straight, I finally have the weekend and Monday off. I decided to do some shopping on Monday but here are some food I’ve eaten this past week:

{Spicy salmon combo via Sushi Nanaimo before work}

{Ricotta Cannoli from Italia Bakery- So delicious!}

{Been looking for a pair of studded loafers for a while and spotted these at The Bay, so I decided to get them because they were decently priced}

{M’s grapefruit shochu sour and my Calpico shochu sour cocktail. My first alcoholic beverage order as an adult}

{Celebrated my birthday with M at Gyu-Kaku on Saturday since she can’t make it on Monday}

So that was my unexciting birthday week. Work has had me so occupied I don’t have time to do much. I’m actually excited for school to start, is that weird? Hope everyone has a good weekend and thanks for reading!


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