As you can tell, I haven’t been uploading new post this past week. I’ve been busy with school, frantically studying (more like cramming) for two midterms next week leaves me little time to blog. Another reason is that I’ve been having major writers block, I don’t know what to blog about anymore… I have many restaurant reviews, but I want to create a bit more variety on this blog.

Anyways, here are some pictures of my week:

{Lavender Latte from a cafe located in my school’s student union building named Dukes. My caffeine fix to help me get through my 8:30am class}

{Bouquet of Hydrangea’s (photo taken from the summer, just never uploaded)}

{London Fog’s and macaron’s with my two favourite cousins}

{Delicious Hainanese chicken from Cafe D’Lite}

I’ll be MIA until Friday but I’ll try to squeeze in a quick post in between. Thanks for understanding and have a great weekend!

Beggars Can’t be Choosers

I’ve been in a good mood this week, let’s hope it will carry on into next week. I just wanted to share a story about my experience with a particular beggar I’ve encountered two times. The first time I encountered him, he came up to me and asked if I spoke Chinese. I replied yes and he proceeded to say in a panic tone, “I’m in trouble, I need to take the bus home but I don’t have enough money to buy a bus ticket. Can you help me out and spare me some money?”. I don’t carry money for the bus because I have a U-Pass, so I politely rejected his request. That was last week. A few days ago, the same man, probably in his 60’s, came up to me and asked the exact same thing. Quite obvious what his intentions are…

Anyways, here are some pictures I snapped this week:

{New printed scarves}

{Bird’s eye view of the goodies at The Last Crumb Bakery}

{Uniquely shaped sushi}

Midterms are coming up, I can feel the stress piling on already. I miss summer, but I’m excited for Fall weather. I hope everyone had a good weekend and thanks for reading!

Throwback Thursdays: Tacofino’s Chocolate Diablo Cookie

Tacofino is one of my favourite food trucks in Vancouver, I simply love their fish tacos. Thought I would share a picture of one of their sweet items, their chocolate diablo cookie. You can read my post (from July of last year) on Tacofino here

Go Fish (Granville Island)

A while back, Es S, my dad and I visited Granville Island. My goal in mind was to try Go Fish,a food shack located by the water near Granville Island. Every time I pass by Go Fish, there always seems to be a line, so I wanted to see what all the fuss is about. The wait was about 15 minutes, which isn’t too long. There is limited seating on the patio, but there are some extra picnic like tables and benches to eat at.

Here’s what we got:

My dad went for their halibut and chips. I only got to try a small piece of this since my dad ate it up quickly, but the batter was very light and thin and it wasn’t greasy. The fries were crispy and fresh cut, which I always prefer.

Es S ordered one of their specials of the day, oyster and avocado sandwichgrilled oysters with chipotle, tartar mayo, avocado, red pepper, organic greens and pumpkin seeds. I didn’t get to try this, but it looked delicious.

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Sleep Alone

As you can tell, I’ve been updating less frequently and I do apologize. My weeks consist of going to school, studying and working out, so little time is left for having a social life and updating my blog. Now that I am starting a new workout and diet regiment, I’ve been eating out less frequently, which equates to less food post. I wanted to check out the Fraser Valley food show, but both my dad and I are too busy to drive down there. That being said, here are some pictures from my past weeks

{Early Grey misto + rosewater and lavender macaron | S.A.W’s cake + macaron | delicious green tea cheesecake from T&T}

{Salvadorian food from Guanaco food truck | my dads massive cake for his big birthday celebration}

I’ve also been loving this song by Walk The Moon:

Thanks for reading!

French Made Baking’s Canelé

Other than their macaron’s, my favourite item from French Made Baking is their canelé. According to their website, a canelé is   flavored with rum and vanilla, the batter is baked in a small striated cylinder mould that gives the canelé its specific shape and makes for a tender custard-like heart underneath a thick caramelized crust. I just love the tender interior and crispy, carmalized exterior. It has been some time since I’ve sunken my teeth into this delicious dessert, I’m salivating right now while I write this post. I know canelé’s are also available at Thierry, but I prefer French Made Baking’s canelé more.

Maxi Skirts for Fall

Over the summer I’ve purchased many maxi skirts, but I never really wore them during the summer. Reason being is that I become warm really easily and wearing a maxi skirt in the summer weather made me feel like I was baking in an oven. Now that fall is approaching, I can incorporate maxi skirts into my fall wardrobe. Here is how I would wear maxi skirts for fall:

Fall Maxi Skirt Outfits

Here are some maxi skirt outfit inspirations for fall:

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Make Decisions With More Confident and Speed

Today’s post will showcase tips to help you make decisions faster, derived from an article from the August issue of Psychology Today. We spend significant amounts of our lives trying to make up our minds. Some of us are more decisive, while some are indecisive and take a great deal of time deliberating on one decision. Here are some conunterintuitive tricks which will help you reach wiser conclusions:

1. Trust Yourself

Making up your mind collaboratively with a friend of spouse might seem like the best way to cosnider more perspectives, but the opposite is true: Joint decision-making makes people more likely to reject outside information. Individuals tend to consider input from others more carefully than pairs do, leading to better decision making overall

2. Decide in Another Language

Do you find yourself making decisions based on emotion instead of logic? Try thinking in a non-native tongue, which researchers suggest might facilitate emotional distance.

3. Don’t Overthink

Stop staring at the 43 varieties of peanut butter: It doesn’t matter that much which one you choose. When a decision feels difficult, we often mistakenly perceive it as important. Before letting a trivial decision paralyze you, assess the potential impact of your conclusion.

4. Stop Rationalizing

When we make a poor decision, we often invent convincing justifications after the fact, leading us to think we’ve chosen wisely. To avoid misplaced confidence, try revisiting a problem without thinking of your initial decision as inevitable.



Last Day of Summer at PNE: BBQ Competition & Deep Fried Food

On labour day, I went to the PNE one last time with my family before the first day of another school year. My mission was to eat something deep fried and outrageous and also to try the rib fest competition. In addition to eating, I went on some rides with the free ride passes my uncle acquired.

{One of the few rides I went on was the Hellavator. I only ended up going on 4 rides because oddly, I felt really sleepy after going on them}

{Free sample of  caffe latte yogurt}

{Mini doughnuts, a yearly tradition at the fair}

Now on to the rib fest/ BBQ competition…

{From Gator BBQ, we got a full rack of pork ribs, a pound of pulled pork and added 2 sides of potatoes and beans. This was our favourite of the night}

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Back to School Haul

Fall is my favourite season, which is why I usually spend the most money on fall clothing. With all the sales going on right now, it’s too enticing for me to pass up… lol. So here are some of my back to school purchases, mainly from the Aritzia warehouse sale.

From the Aritzia warehouse sale:

{T. Babaton Sweater. Original price $85, got it for $39.99}

{T. Babaton silk blouse. Original price $110, on sale for $39.99}

{Wilfred shirt. Original $60, on sale for $24.99}

{Wilfred wrap dress. Original $85, on sale for $29.99}

{J Brand twill pants. Original $220, on sale for $74.99. I love the fit so I bought 2 pairs}

I was pretty happy with my purchases at the warehouse sale. This year was definitely better than last years in terms of location and selection. Original price for all the items I purchased is $780, I paid $284.94 before taxes, making it a savings of $495.06!

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