Back to School Haul

Fall is my favourite season, which is why I usually spend the most money on fall clothing. With all the sales going on right now, it’s too enticing for me to pass up… lol. So here are some of my back to school purchases, mainly from the Aritzia warehouse sale.

From the Aritzia warehouse sale:

{T. Babaton Sweater. Original price $85, got it for $39.99}

{T. Babaton silk blouse. Original price $110, on sale for $39.99}

{Wilfred shirt. Original $60, on sale for $24.99}

{Wilfred wrap dress. Original $85, on sale for $29.99}

{J Brand twill pants. Original $220, on sale for $74.99. I love the fit so I bought 2 pairs}

I was pretty happy with my purchases at the warehouse sale. This year was definitely better than last years in terms of location and selection. Original price for all the items I purchased is $780, I paid $284.94 before taxes, making it a savings of $495.06!

I decided to get a new backpack, since I bring my laptop to school almost everyday and it gets quite heavy. I spotted this Dakine one while purchasing my text books from the schools bookstore:

I also needed a new pair of workout shoes since my old ones are ruined from work so I picked up these from the Nike Store:

{Nike Free Advantage training shoes}

I also got some items for Sephora:

{I’ve heard good reviews on this so I decided to try it out since I have many acne scars}

{Origins serum}

{Clarasonic deep pore replacement brush}

I didn’t buy this, but instead M gifted me with this cardigan for my birthday and I love it!

{Union Jack cardigan. It fits so well too}

There are a few other things I didn’t post up, including the Material Girl studded loafters and a Monk and Lou shirt from Plenty, but hopefully I’m all set for school.


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