Last Day of Summer at PNE: BBQ Competition & Deep Fried Food

On labour day, I went to the PNE one last time with my family before the first day of another school year. My mission was to eat something deep fried and outrageous and also to try the rib fest competition. In addition to eating, I went on some rides with the free ride passes my uncle acquired.

{One of the few rides I went on was the Hellavator. I only ended up going on 4 rides because oddly, I felt really sleepy after going on them}

{Free sample of  caffe latte yogurt}

{Mini doughnuts, a yearly tradition at the fair}

Now on to the rib fest/ BBQ competition…

{From Gator BBQ, we got a full rack of pork ribs, a pound of pulled pork and added 2 sides of potatoes and beans. This was our favourite of the night}

{From Prarie BBQ, we got a rack of ribs, brisket sandwich, beans and apple cider coleslaw. We liked the beans from here better, but the ribs weren’t as tender or saucy as Gator. I found the brisket a touch dry.}

And onto the deep fried goodness (aka heart attack food)

{Granny’s Cheesecake & More had an array of deep fried items, from deep fried cheesecake to deep fried Kool Aid}

{Left: deep fried oreos, right: deep fried cheesecake. The deep fried cheesecake was very decadent and heavy, I wasn’t a big fan of it. The deep fried cheesecake is essentially a slice of cheesecake wrapped with what appears to be a spring roll wrapper and deep fried. The product is a crunchy wrapping filled with gooey cream cheese filling. I enjoyed it.}

{Ferris Wheel that I didn’t go on}

{To end off this post, here is a picture of the newer ride Atmosphere}

Now it’s back to reality. Can’t wait to go back to the PNE next year and eat more fair food!


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