Go Fish (Granville Island)

A while back, Es S, my dad and I visited Granville Island. My goal in mind was to try Go Fish,a food shack located by the water near Granville Island. Every time I pass by Go Fish, there always seems to be a line, so I wanted to see what all the fuss is about. The wait was about 15 minutes, which isn’t too long. There is limited seating on the patio, but there are some extra picnic like tables and benches to eat at.

Here’s what we got:

My dad went for their halibut and chips. I only got to try a small piece of this since my dad ate it up quickly, but the batter was very light and thin and it wasn’t greasy. The fries were crispy and fresh cut, which I always prefer.

Es S ordered one of their specials of the day, oyster and avocado sandwichgrilled oysters with chipotle, tartar mayo, avocado, red pepper, organic greens and pumpkin seeds. I didn’t get to try this, but it looked delicious.

For myself, I ordered the oyster “po boy” sandwich3 juicy BBQ local oysters, shredded iceberg lettuce, chipotle cream, sweet onions and Gordo’s tartar sauce. I enjoyed this healthier version of the classic oyster po boy as it was very flavourful, especially with the sweet onions. I couldn’t taste the chipotle crema though, and I wished they used the organic greens found in Es S’ sandwich instead of iceberg lettuce. I love the coleslaw they served here, it has an Asian inspired taste with distinguishable hits of sesame oil. Overall, a good sandwich albeit messy. But a messy sandwich is a good sandwich right?

I wanted to try one of their tacones, which is essentially a rolled up taco, so I shared a seared tuna tacone with Es S. Nestled inside the wrap along with the seared tuna was wasabi mayo, nori and ponzu. By the time we got to this, the tuna wasn’t medium rare anymore, but that was our fault. Flavour wise, everything worked well, creating a harmony of Japanese flavours. Again, it is served with the yummy coleslaw.

So was the food worth the wait? Based on my experience, I would say it was. The food was tasty and the ingredients used were very fresh. The prices are quite reasonable too, but of course there’s limited seating and it’s mostly self serve so I guess that makes up for the lack of ambiance.



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