Beggars Can’t be Choosers

I’ve been in a good mood this week, let’s hope it will carry on into next week. I just wanted to share a story about my experience with a particular beggar I’ve encountered two times. The first time I encountered him, he came up to me and asked if I spoke Chinese. I replied yes and he proceeded to say in a panic tone, “I’m in trouble, I need to take the bus home but I don’t have enough money to buy a bus ticket. Can you help me out and spare me some money?”. I don’t carry money for the bus because I have a U-Pass, so I politely rejected his request. That was last week. A few days ago, the same man, probably in his 60’s, came up to me and asked the exact same thing. Quite obvious what his intentions are…

Anyways, here are some pictures I snapped this week:

{New printed scarves}

{Bird’s eye view of the goodies at The Last Crumb Bakery}

{Uniquely shaped sushi}

Midterms are coming up, I can feel the stress piling on already. I miss summer, but I’m excited for Fall weather. I hope everyone had a good weekend and thanks for reading!


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