As you can tell, I haven’t been uploading new post this past week. I’ve been busy with school, frantically studying (more like cramming) for two midterms next week leaves me little time to blog. Another reason is that I’ve been having major writers block, I don’t know what to blog about anymore… I have many restaurant reviews, but I want to create a bit more variety on this blog.

Anyways, here are some pictures of my week:

{Lavender Latte from a cafe located in my school’s student union building named Dukes. My caffeine fix to help me get through my 8:30am class}

{Bouquet of Hydrangea’s (photo taken from the summer, just never uploaded)}

{London Fog’s and macaron’s with my two favourite cousins}

{Delicious Hainanese chicken from Cafe D’Lite}

I’ll be MIA until Friday but I’ll try to squeeze in a quick post in between. Thanks for understanding and have a great weekend!


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